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World dominance
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World dominance

Every world needs a victor, but which group of brave village leaders shall band together to win Classic?

In order to truly prove themselves, a tribe must control at least 60% of the player owned villages on this world. This is also known as a tribe's dominance percentage.

To prevent an early and unsatisfactory victory, the world must be at least 75 days old for a tribe to begin dominating.

The dominating tribe must maintain their dominance percentage for 3 consecutive days to declare themselves as victorious.

Top tribes by dominance
MW 59.3%
GoT 18.3%
MW2 12.9%
SCK 1.8%
Force 0.8%
RFGD 0.4%
GOB 0.4%
Dora 0.3%
UJ 0.2%
WTF 0.2%
~O~ 0.2%
~Y~S~ 0.1%
+KN+ 0.1%
TOTW 0.1%
SoH 0%
:) 0%
TB 0%
Wolf 0%
T.P.M 0%
Victory checklist
World age
75 / 75 days
Top dominance
59% / 60%
Hold dominance
0 / 3 days